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 Welcome back all!

I hope you're all enjoying the Christmas holiday and there's is still the New Year to come! This piece is about creating a villain for one of my fantasy stories but I would like to tell you a little more about myself first.

I created characters and stories for the first time as a child and this continued for many years, however, I stopped for a while to complete my studies and I didn't write my first complete story until 2009. Before then, as a child, I constantly made comics with my friends and family but my drawing skills weren't anything like they are now. I studied and became very good at technical drawing and then I met an artist, and I learnt more techniques to improve my creative work to what it is now.

It wasn't until after I completed my studies that my writing evolved and reached a state where I was confident that I could describe an idea in written form. That was when I wrote A Tale Of Tales: Advent (available online); with that novella, I also decided to apply my drawing skills because I felt that it added value, especially if my readers knew that I produced that cover myself, from pencil through to digital. Since then, I have worked to continue developing my skills and I believe that I am still improving, and my process for story creation is changing. My intention is create a masterpiece as a written book, TV series or even film, and so my journey continues...

That said, I have been mulling over a completely new story and I have reached the point where I am now creating a villain. The story is set in the pre-1800's, as a fictional lost fragment of history. I don't want to reveal any more because the story is still in a state of chaotic flux in my mind; that is, it may very well change.

Anyway, I figured it might be interesting to read the mental process behind the creation of a new villain, which in this tale is one among others. That said, this one needs to be unique; so, let us begin. I have already set a stage (Historical Earth-scape pre-1800's), which has some fictional 'patches'. The character needs a base, a foundation, just like a building; but in this case ideas will suffice. A good starting point is simplicity at its core; greed, lust, desire, envy, rage and of course ego; or perhaps others like resentment, faith, love, will, passion, detachment, etc. Although these are simply words, words convey ideas and they can act as building blocks towards creating the greater idea; i.e. in this case, the villain.

It is my opinion that even the most psychopathic of villains will have a logical process that can be perceived (by yourself or another), which is obviously also morally questionable; even stark raving mad can fit into this category. Simply because the actions produce results due to the madness, whether right or wrong. For this character in this story his base will be greed – a desire to attain more and more, which becomes a passion driven by his will and ego, to become greater than the gods and he does this with utter detachment considering himself above his peers. You can see here the facets of his core that sway him away from the benign, particularly his delusion of grandeur. Now the next thing is to beef up these core traits and evoke an outward personality.

In this case, I am referring to the application of his core ideals; in one word, why? Aka his background story but I would like to proceed a little differently. That is, starting from the goal, the envisioned end result and working backwards. This villain seeks to play the world like chess pieces in an effort of supremacy and domination, with himself at the top of the hierarchy, powerful and ever living. Right, so now we have an idea of the his goal but we still don't know why... This can either be hidden and revealed later or initially revealed at the onset of his appearance in the story, or even partially hidden. The later is my preferred model and so at this point, I will only say that his earliest memories are of the orphanage where he grew up, which allows a long time scale for other character influencing events to occur. In his case, events that made him become the person that he is, at the time when the story is told. 

Now the internal workings of the character have been created but there are other aspects still left for consideration, such as, physical traits, appearance, name, ability, stage synchronisation and preferred grass roots MO. In order to keep this short, I will cover those another time. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. This story wont be complete for sometime yet, simply because I am currently completing others. If you haven't already done so you can find those stories and more information on my site: or visit my FaceBook page: Lunchtime Tales.

All the best,

Pthasse Amadeus

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