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In the first post we created his base nature - '… his base will be greed – a desire to attain more and more, which becomes a passion driven by his will and ego, to become greater than the gods and he does this with utter detachment, considering himself above his peers. Our villain seeks to play the world like chess pieces, in an effort of supremacy and domination, with himself at the top of the hierarchy, powerful and ever living...’ We also gave him a little back story - '… his earliest memories are of the orphanage where he grew up...' but there are other aspects still left for consideration, such as, physical traits, appearance, name, ability, stage synchronisation and preferred grass roots MO.

Next let us consider some physical traits, appearance and ability, these are mostly aesthetic in nature but they also play a part in the outcome of events within this story; we will also consider his preferred grass roots MO. For now, let us not consider his race or region of origin, since this will depend on his 'stage synchronisation' and also because it is of marginal importance in this story. I want this villain to have about him an air of strength, force and power, and I will attempt to do this in part via his physical traits and appearance. For starters, let us give him brown deep-set eyes, a flat nose, a strong jaw and short hair. This villain is no stranger to battle and so his physical appearance will be hardened and built, his height is of little relevance, save descriptive power, so we will make him medium height; say 5”11' but let us also add a scar to the right side of his face, which will have its own story to tell.

This villain has a base nature that sets him up to be an effective mastermind and so he will be highly intelligent, shrewd and somewhat cunning. He has little interest in the creative arts but is fascinated by science and the arcane arts, seeing them as the perfect means to a much desired end. However, he has one major shortfall, which is also a result of his base nature – hubris. That said, he is an individual who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty and he swings his broad blade, cutting down his enemies with great prejudice; however, he prefers others to do his dirty work for him.

As a result of his interest in science and the arcane arts, he is somewhat practised in magic and employs the best men and women of science in the known world. He has within his command certain technologies, which have been combined with magic to create weapons that are years ahead of his peers, assisting him to further his goals. Although, he is not a lord of any land, he is feared and respected by many monarchs. Lastly, let us consider his MO, once again this is a facet of his character and I won’t go into much detail because this also adds the air of mystery to the story. It will be part of the journey of discovery for the protagonist within this story. That said, I will say that he is only interested in himself and all his actions are tailored towards increasing his power and influence, and he proceeds to implement his plans and actions, with complete disregard to human life; that is to say, he cares very little for human rights.

So now we have beefed up this character and I hope after reading these two parts, you feel like you know this villain, even without him being named. His name, region of origin and story synchronisation still need to be determined but to keep this short, we will consider these another time. I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Like I mentioned before, this story won’t be complete for some time yet, simply because I am currently completing others. If you haven't already done so, you can find my stories and more information on my site:, simply follow the Lunchtime Tales links on the homepage to read online, or visit my FaceBook page at Lunchtime Tales.

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